Renting is Hazardous to your Wealth?

The decision to rent vs. buy is very important and deserves to be explored in depth before making the next leap.

A Realtor and a Mortgage lender are two professionals to consult in making this choice. Online calculators are very helpful, but a mortgage lender who has been in the business forĀ  years can help make sure you’ve looked at it from all angles before making your choice.

Building equity in your home is obviously much better than paying for your landlord’s vacations! A lot of times the monthly expense of buying and renting is very similar. Although, there is more than the monthly cost to consider. A mortgage is a 30 year commitment that comes with fees on both ends. Sometimes when you know you want to change locations in under 5 years, the fees required to acquire a mortgage along with the fees that come with selling a home, might not be worth it.

Let me know if you’re wrestling with this decision. I am happy to help you look at it from all angles! I work with excellent mortgage professionals that can answer your questions, and maybe ask you a few questions to uncover things you might not have considered.

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