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Steps in the Home Buying Process

Steps in the Home Buying Process   1 Choose a Realtor In Illinois, both the buyer and the seller are entitled to be represented by a licensed agent. There is no cost to the buyer to work with an agent, commissions are paid by the seller. The person you chose Read More

Renting is Hazardous to your Wealth?

The decision to rent vs. buy is very important and deserves to be explored in depth before making the next leap. A Realtor and a Mortgage lender are two professionals to consult in making this choice. Online calculators are very helpful, but a mortgage lender who has been in the Read More

What do Millennial Buyers want in a Home?

Working with home buyers in the age bracket lovingly nicknamed “millennial” can be a challenge at times. This generation has a different way of viewing what adds value to a property. Understanding this new set of buyers, their wants and needs, is vital to helping them find the right home. Read More

Tips for working with a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

There are a lot of misconceptions about how it all works in real estate. Buyer’s agent vs. Seller’s agent. What is a listing agent? Do I really need an agent? Can I get the house for a cheaper price if I don’t use an agent? Here are a few tips Read More